April 28, 2009

Mountain Lion at Alderleaf!

A mountain lion passed by our motion-sensing camera this week! After a great Carnivore Tracking Workshop with Susan Morse, we checked our camera on Monday morning. It was an incredible treat to see an image of the mountain lion, especially after spending the weekend observing carnivore tracks and sign, including mountain lion scat, scrapes, and claw raking! We feel most fortunate to share the land with these awe-inspiring carnivores! The photo was captured only a stone's throw from our classroom!

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Fil said...

I was absolutely elated to find this photo on the camera on Monday!

Another amazing animal makes its presence known at Alderleaf.

D'orio Designs said...

Amazing. How common are the mountain lions in that area?

D'orio Designs said...

Amazing. How common is it that you find mountain lions there at the school?

jknight said...

Quite common. There's a healthy population of mountain lions in this area. The habitat is excellent and likely contains 2-5 individuals - though you rarely, if ever, see them. This is because they are a low density carnivore and are shy & elusive creatures.