October 19, 2009

October 2009 Update

October has been a busy month at Alderleaf. Here's some photos to illustrate a few of the things we've been up to:

The Wilderness Certification Program students learned about stone tool making. This photo shows a few of the hand-crafted stone knives they created.

Two ponds have been created as part of Alderleaf Farm's Permaculture Plan. The ponds will create a greater diversity of habitats on the farm, attract more wildlife, solve winter flooding problems, store water for garden use, and provide the opportunity to raise fish! The pond is just starting to fill with water now that the rains have returned.

Alderleaf instructor Filip Tkaczyk, taught several wild mushroom foraging classes in September and October. They were a ton of fun - many tasty treats were discovered in the forest.

The Wilderness Certification Program just returned from their annual field trip to the Oregon Dunes. We had some inclement weather this year, though the coyote, fox, and raccoon trailing was amazing on our final full day in the field. Other highlights - harvesting 40 cups of evergreen huckleberries, and of course, jumping off the huge dunes!

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