April 11, 2011

Five Trackers receive Track & Sign Specialist Certificates! (Including 3 Alderleaf Instructors!)

Alderleaf Wilderness College hosted a CyberTracker Specialist Track & Sign Evaluation with evaluators Casey McFarland and Mark Elbroch. The CyberTracker Evaluations are the international standard for assessing and certifying wildlife trackers, and uphold a high standard of competency.

It was an amazing weekend full of challenging track & sign questions - from tiny shrew, mouse, & partial frog prints; to robin, sparrow, & dove tracks; rat, weasel, & gray squirrel footprints; male/female, gait, and interpretive questions; many kinds of scat, feeding, and tree marking sign; and much more.

Alderleaf staff and students had a very strong showing. Instructors, Filip Tkaczyk, Dave Scott, and Jason Knight, all scored 100%, receiving the specialist level qualification, along with Marcus Reynerson of Wilderness Awareness School and Chris Byrd. It is quite an honor, as they are now part of only fifteen trackers in North America who've reached the specialist level out of over 700 who've taken the test. Staff member, Steve Nicolini, and student, Phil "Jackrabbit" Johnston, also performed extremely well, receiving level 3 certificates!

It was an intense and exciting weekend, and all came away with a strong sense of accomplishment, learning, and camaraderie! Its so great to be in a region with such a talented crew of trackers, who are so dedicated to sharing what they know and growing the field.

A big thank you goes out to Casey and Mark for taking time away from their mountain lion research project and traveling out from Colorado to facilitate the evaluation!

Interested in attending a tracking class? Check out our Wildlife Tracking Weekend Course and Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship.

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