July 16, 2013

Busy Times at Alderleaf Wilderness College!

We've been having an exciting summer of courses and events! Since the last blog update we've taught three survival courses, upgraded our chicken tractor, ran our wild edible & medicinal plants course, collected our first crop of homegrown hay from our Stishem land, taught our navigation class and introduction to permaculture class, hosted our annual bow making workshop, and kicked off our summer nature camp, to name a few! Here's a few photo highlights:

Building a debris hut survival shelter at our June weekend Wilderness Survival Course.

Upgraded chicken tractor with metal siding and new baby chicks!

 Collecting our first homegrown hay from the Stishem property pasture for our dairy sheep and llama!

 Building bows from hickory staves at the barn's woodworking shop.

 Target practice with the just-completed bows at the bow making workshop.

Youth nature camp - making coal-burned wooden spoons from cedar.

The next few weeks look like they'll be just as eventful - coming up: two more wilderness survival weekend courses, our permaculture design certificate course, wildlife tracking weekend course, another week of camp, survival trapping course, two more wild edible & medicinal plants weekend courses, and more! Once September arrives we then begin another year of the Wilderness Certification Program and Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship. Hope you get a chance to join in on the fun and learning here at Alderleaf Wilderness College!

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