July 30, 2009

Transforming the Outdoor Teaching Area!

Staff, interns, and volunteers have been improving the outdoor teaching area by building an eight-sided roof over the fire pit! The posts were split from the cedar trees that came down on our land this past winter. Here's some photos showing our progress thus far:

Finished putting in the rafters and benches on Thursday!

This is what the area looked like before construction began.

First the cedar posts were put in the ground.

Then we used scaffolding to put up the smoke hole and first rafters

Smoke hole from below

Another view of the smoke hole

Next we'll be putting up more supports and then the cedar shakes that we hand split from our own trees!

Its been a blast working together! Big kudos out to Zach, Shea, Steve N., Tracy, Steve B., Filip, Kerry, and Kyle! Looking forward to the next phase of construction!

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