October 20, 2009

Mushroom Madness: Wild Mushroom Identification Class

The September 26 wild mushroom identification class went beautifully! Over 20 people from the public came to join us to learn, seek out and celebrate wild mushrooms. The weather was most helpful, with plentiful rain coming down in the earlier part of the week. Just to the liking of many mushrooms. On the day of class we were blessed with sunshine.

From Mushroom Class at ALDERLEAF

During our field portion we found a rich and diverse abundance of species. This included some tasty wild edible species such as chanterelles, crack cap boletus and oyster mushrooms. Everyone jumped in on looking for the mushrooms and we even discovered several previously unknown patches of chanterelles. We harvested them, and cooked them up using the dry-sautee method. For more information on this, check out our Alderleaf Commons site here: http://wildernesscollege.ning.com/group/mushrooms/forum/topics/cooking-mushrooms-the-dry

From Mushroom Class at ALDERLEAF

As you can see from the expressions in this photo, the students at the class were very intent on the cooking process. We ended the day with a wild mushroom feast that gave everyone an opportunity to taste their catch of the day.

The day was amazing, and everyone who attended left for home with a new appreciation and inspiration for wild mushrooms. Even the instructor...

From Mushroom Class at ALDERLEAF

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