December 14, 2010

Advanced Fire Making and much more...

Over the past two weeks, Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program students have engaged in all kinds of learning adventures. First of all they had a challenging day of advanced fire making, which involved creating bow-drill friction fire kits from wild harvested materials.

Here (from left to right) Danny S., Mellisa L., Georgie L. and Jackie W. team up to get a coal.

Here, Alderleaf instructor Dave Scott demonstrates the use of a challenging friction fire technique called the "fire plow." It requires a lot of pressure and fairly dry conditions, and so are generally preferred in dry parts of the country.

For the next 2 days, the Alderleaf students had their first experience mentoring the youth students at OWLE camp.

Alderleaf Student Miles helps an OWLE camp student create a tule mat.

Here an OWLE student demonstrates a creative use for a pine-needle basket.

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