July 18, 2012

Wilderness Survival Intensive

Last week, students joined us for 5 days of intensive wilderness survival training and learning.  The 5 days included the skills of shelter building, primitive cooking, primitive hunting and trapping, stone tools, bird language, primitive cooking and much more.

Students work together to seal a trout in clay in preparation for cooking on the coals.  Their hands tell the story.

Here students Eric and Mary Lee work together to burn out a wooden bowl.  Next, it will be used to purify water for drinking.  They use straws made of horsetail, a common wetland plant at Alderleaf.

Here you can see what the process looks like within the bowl.  As air is blow on the coals, the spread and burn, and eat their way down through the wood.  The trick is to control them to move in such a way as to create a nice bowl, and not burn through the side of this stump.

We look forward to seeing the survival intensive students return for more classes in the future.

Watch for more updates from Alderleaf soon!

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