April 1, 2013

Central WA Trip (Take 2)

During the final week of March, the second cohort in the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program took their trip out to central WA state.  They had an amazing time, great weather and unforgettable animal encounters.  Here are a few photographic highlights.

Here student Caitlin picks her way carefully across a large beaver dam in a beautiful canyon along the eastern slopes of the Cascade mountains.  This sturdy construction was still being added to, as you can see by the small stream flowing down from the far side of the dam.

Here students Chad and Dan patiently stalk carp with their primitive fishing spears.

A female black-widow spider hanging out near the entrance of a burrow that contains her web.  Students were excited to find this famous spider species and observe her respectfully.

These are the brilliant red shoulder feathers from a red-winged blackbird. All the other feathers on the body were a dark black color.

A wild porcupine hanging out in a tree found by students in central WA.

Students Gabe, Yusef, Celina and Chad (just out of frame) sit and closely observe the beautiful landscape of central WA.  Muskrat, mink, a variety of waterfowl, painted turtles and flying sandhill cranes could all be seen from this basalt pinnacle.

Student Sammy found this beautiful painted turtle shell on the edge of a small lake in central WA.  Notice the impressions left by the scales that once covered this shell, and the suture lines where the bones come together.

We had great adventures in central WA and learned a great deal about the drier landscapes and their inhabitants.  Many other great things were seen and experienced in those 4 days.

Watch for more updates from Alderleaf soon!

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