April 11, 2013

Scout Skills and Habitat Restoration

We are enjoying the sunshine over here at Alderleaf.  The birds are singing and the buds are popping out.  If you haven't eaten a Salmonberry flower yet, well... you should!  We are gearing up for one of the funnest weeks of the year - scout week!  So this past week of classes we did scout training.  We also had a great day of habitat restoration.
Animals are our best teachers of how to move stealthily.  Here students practice scout animal forms.

Blindfold training, team building and communication.  These skills will come in handy on scout week when teams of students will have to navigate through the wilderness in the dark.

Alderleaf instructor, Heater Swift teaches about habitat restoration.

A garter snake! (Note: although they are common in gardens, they are "garter" snakes, not "gardener" as they are commonly called).

Alderleaf students Nick and Ethan plant a tree.

A job well done!

Stay tuned for more updates soon... 

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