April 15, 2013

Urban Permaculture Class

Students in Alderleaf Wilderness College's Instructor Apprenticeship spent Sunday, April 7th learning about Urban Permaculture with guest teacher, Jenny Pell. The class visited several sites in Seattle where urban permaculture projects are being implemented, including Seattle Tilth and the Beacon Food Forest.  The urban environment presents some very unique opportunities for applying permaculture - including special micro-climates and numerous opportunities for community partnerships. Pictured above, Jenny Pell is showing some espalier fruit trees. Here's a few more photos from the day:
This shot shows some of the perennial gardens, paths, and a passive solar greenhouse at Seattle Tilth.

Polyculture planting is a key concept for food forest planning. Creating a diverse community of different plant species creates multiple crop yields, confuses pest insects, helps conserve water, acts as a green mulch, and improves the health of the soil. The sign and a polyculture demonstration garden at Seattle Tilth is pictured below.
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