October 21, 2008

Congratulations to Tracker Evaluation Participants!

Alderleaf hosted tracker evaluations in early October. They were facilitated by Casey McFarland, Mark Elbroch, and Adriaan Louw of CyberTracker International. Casey is a former student and colleague who is now working full time as a tracker and evaluator! Mark Elbroch is the lead evaluator in North America and author of Mammal Tracks and Sign. Adriaan Louw (a senior tracker from South Africa) facilitated the trailing evaluations. Congratulations to all who participated - everyone scored well and earned certificates!

The evaulation process tests and certifies competent trackers, helping build greater credibility so that trackers can gain employment in wildlife research and conservation efforts. If you would like more information about the nuts and bolts of tracker evaluations, visit the wildlife trackers website at: http://www.wildlifetrackers.com/evals/

A special congratulations goes out to Brian McConnell, who gained the first senior tracker certificate in North America! Brian is also a former student and has scored 100% on both the Track & Sign Evaluation and Trailing Evaluation.

Stay tuned, we look forward to hosting more evaluations in 2009!

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