October 19, 2008

Oregon Dunes Trip

This past week the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program took its first field trip of the year. We went down to the Oregon Dunes near Lakeside, Oregon. We spent our time trailing animals (especially porcupines) for miles across the dunes, exploring deflation zones and forest islands and eating tasty mushrooms we found crawling raccoon style across the forest floor. It truly was an amazing trip; we all learned a lot about the environment, tracking and trailing, and each other. Here are a few pictures from the week.

The unforgettable trail of a porcupine

Camouflaged inchworm

Monkey Flower
Fritz, Steve and Jimmy at midnight

European Red Snail on a log

1 comment:

Filip T. said...

Nice shots, Jase! That midnight shot is so cool. Very impressive. The inchworm is an excellent example of animal camo in action.

A comment on ID...
The last photo is of a snail, not a slug. Slugs do not have shells.