July 31, 2012

Navigation and Nature Awareness Classes

This weekend, many local people joined us for 2 very different days of exciting classes. 

Saturday was spent learning and practicing a variety of different orienteering and navigation skills.  This included using map and compass as well as several forms of aidless navigation.  These students spent half of the day wandering around a local park practicing their skills in navigation and orienteering.

Sunday, in contrast, was focused on learning to understand, become more aware of and blend with the natural surroundings through the study of survival nature awareness skills.  This included interpreting the calls of birds, recognizing animal tracks, moving quietly and disappearing into the landscape.

Students practice moving quietly by playing a stalking game.

Its hard not to smile when you are reconnecting to the natural world through your senses!

Practicing hiding in plane sight, students blend into the background using a combination of camouflage and properly using available cover.

A special thank you to all of the enthusiastic students who joined us for the weekend classes!  We hope to see them return for more courses soon.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates soon.

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