July 19, 2012

Photos of some of our Permaculture Projects and more

Central veggie garden - crop rotation system

Chicken "moat" around the central gardens to help with slug/bug control and many other stacked functions

Steve adding to the compost system

McCoy Creek with a hedge nettle flower in the foreground

Aquaculture pond with aquatic edible plants and bluegill fish

entryway sign

Food forest coming along

garden beds, compost system, and rainwater catchment off the chicken coop

Small greenhouse for veggie starts

Habitat restoration project by the entry sign

Harvesting strawberries from the hugelkultur bed

Inside view of the outdoor classroom

Outdoor classroom with salmonberry in foreground

Rainwater catchment on chicken coop

Root cellar almost completed

New woodshed also built from locust and cedar shakes
Learn more about our permaculture plan on our campus webpage: http://www.wildernesscollege.com/alderleaf-campus-and-facilities.html

Check out the upcoming Permaculture Design Course at Alderleaf: http://www.wildernesscollege.com/permaculture-summer-semester.html

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